china factory Transmission Gearbox for Parallel Twin Screw Extruder manufacturers

Merchandise Description

Higher Torque Gearbox For PET Extruder CZPT



SHTDN Twin CZPT Extruder Gearbox Introduction


Twin CZPT Gearbox adopting latest standard ISO1328,the precision of cylindrical gear of spherical involute, and combining CZPT CZPT phrase encounter and specialty of twin screw extruder, SHTDN gearboxes are meticulously made with best CZPT d creating ideas in the planet for co-orientated rotating twin screw extruder, with entirely independent Intellectual House Legal rights.
The gears are made of carburizing steel of higher-energy alloy of excellent high quality by carburizing and quenching for enamel, of which all the equipment grinding procedures are concluded by imported gear grinding devices. Gear parameters are optimized and specially developed for the attributes of twin screw extruder, minimizing anxiety focus on root of gear and enhancing equipment surface situations. We have enhanced equipment intension of flexural tiredness, fatigue toughness and ratio of wide diameter. We have also adopted the most recent planning idea and engineering of heating treatment for the structure of gears, therefore ensured gears from uniformity of precision and toughness.




—-Double generate design allows the B axis to be pushed by two gears without having rising the tooth width.

—-Optimal structure and complicated assembly lead to the value rise.

—-All bearings are sourced from international regarded brands,so output torque is more stable.

—Streamlined layout,the conclude of gearbox go over can be opened,simple to set up and substitute.



SHTDN Twin CZPT Extruder Gearbox Parameters

SHTDN Gearbox CZPT &Torque Table
Design CD(MM) Torque Quality(T/A3) RPM 300r/min RPM 400r/min RPM 500r/min RPM 600r/min RPM 800r/min RPM 900r/min
SHTD20N 18 <13 7.5kw 11kw
SHTD25N 22 <13 11kw 15kw eighteen.5kw 22kw
SHTD30N 26 <13 22kw 30kw 37kw
SHTD35N thirty <13 18.5kw 22kw 30kw 37kw 50kw 60kw
SHTD40N 34.5 <13 30kw 45kw 55kw 65kw 90kw 90kw
SHTD50N forty two <13 55kw 75kw 90kw 110kw 132kw 160kw
SHTD52N forty three <13 55kw 75kw 90kw 110kw 132kw 160kw
SHTD58N forty eight <13 90kw 110kw 132kw 160kw 220kw 250kw
SHTD65N fifty two <13 110kw 132kw 160kw 220kw 280kw 315kw
SHTD75N 60 <13 160kw 220kw 250kw 315kw 450kw 500kw
SHTD85N sixty seven.eight <13 220kw 315kw 400kw 500kw 600kw 650kw
SHTD95N 78 <13 350kw 450kw 550kw 650kw 900kw 1000kw
SHTD110N 92 <13 560kw 710kw 900kw 1000kw
SHTD125N 100 <13 800kw 1000kw 1250kw 1400kw
SHTD135N 110 <13 1000kw 1400kw 1600kw 2000kw
SHTD150N 120 <13 1320kw 1750kw


Production Approach





Pick large quality and hardness of ductile iron content.



Rough Machining


Mang sets of rough machining tools,this kind of as Gantry-sort milling,Radial drill,etc.Realized the blank condition and the internal hole of tough maching.



Finish Machining


Several sets of finishing products,this sort of as CNC Grinding CZPT ,NC CZPT ng CZPT ,and so forth.Further processing of each doing work process,the accuracy is greater,only you.



Strong assembly and R&D crew,the areas will be assembled in accordance to the drawing,step by step audit,by running check after item concluded.




Gearbox Inspection

High-conclude screening tools and devices,processional inspection staff,the gearbox condition,centre length,interior gap and into the up coming treatment,soon after inspection and right.




Shipping and delivery


Just before leaving the manufacturing facility,in addition to anti-rust paint,white paint will also be produced(color quantity can also be provided).
Export common packing,packaging,use at the bottom of the fixed plate,ensure that the peoduct does not shift in transit.




How CZPT does it get to get my merchandise given that I compensated for them?

—In accordance to yout get quantity,we will give you a realistic shipping day.


Can I get the guarantee of 1 12 months for free of charge?

—If you require the warranty,you must spend for it.If not,do not worry ,we have confidence in CZPT merchandise.


How is your after-sale provider?

—You will get CZPT aid in time as CZPT as you locate something improper about CZPT generates.Believe us,you should have the greatest.


How CZPT will your solution last?

—I am sorry that I can not correctly reply your query,which is quite distinct from your procedure time,components and materials.

Gearboxes and reducers are enclosed mechanical reduction gadgets frequently utilized in modern automated control programs to command torque from your motors and achieve other movement-connected tasks. A gearbox enables you to enhance torque while lowering the velocity of your key mover output shaft. The output shaft of the gearbox rotates at a slower pace than the enter shaft. This results in a mechanical gain, increasing torque. Conversely, your gearbox can be set in reverse, delivering improved shaft pace and decreased torque. Two frequent transmission configurations are straight and correct angle. On the internet designs normally consist of helical or spur gears, planetary gears, cycloidal mechanisms, or harmonic generators. Appropriate-angle styles generally use worm or helical gear drives, nonetheless, hybrid drives are also accessible. Gearmotors merge an enclosed equipment established with an electric powered motor to boost torque and overall performance while reducing pace. Whilst further friction, inertia, or sharp load alterations for brief-term operation of the actuator can lead to troubles, they offer a extended operating life by preventing overloading. Different gear ratios, speeds and torques are offered to assist optimize efficiency and minimize possible problems. Browse to discover the proper gearbox and reducer for your automation venture.
china  factory Transmission Gearbox for Parallel Twin Screw Extruder manufacturers